Week 6 – Back to Work

Here we are at six weeks post surgery. Time flies when you’re incapacitated! I returned to work on Monday, not, as I had hoped, in ‘real shoes’, but still in my surgical boots. I did manage to get my feet into my Alegria Paloma mary janes on Saturday for my first solo venture into the ‘out’ since surgery, but my feet were so tired/sore that I was back in my surgical sandals on Sunday and Monday. Today I managed the shiny red shoes for the whole day – small wins!

Now I know what other women mean by their feet swelling at the end of the day – it’s quite a horrible feeling and just gets worse as the afternoon progresses. There’s no help for it but to pack up, head home and elevate the feet. I’ve got working from home with feet elevated down pat by now, so it’s fortunate I’ve got the kind of job where I can do that at a pinch.

Apart from the afternoon swelling, I would have to say my feet are coming along rather nicely. I saw my surgeon last Thursday and he was thrilled with his handiwork. He admired my feet and the 5-weeks post-surgery xray, beamed a magnificent smile and declared me a complete success – I wish my work performance discussions were as satisfying!

He said I could start wearing any shoe with a supportive sole and wide toe box and I should start walking around as normally as possible – goodbye heel-walking, hello road to full recovery. I’m not exactly power walking yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I remain absolutely amazed at how fabulously fast the body can heal itself.

The next stage of this journey is waiting for my toes to heal completely so I can bend my big toes to slide my feet into some of my other shoes – it will be a while yet before I’m wearing anything fancy!


3 Responses to Week 6 – Back to Work

  1. Mags says:

    Thank you for blogging your story, I had both feet operated on last Friday, stayed in hospital until Sunday, wasn’t meant to but reacted a little badly to the anaesthetic. I’m glad I did as there is no way I could have coped with the level of pain I experienced on Saturday at home. My feet were like red hot pokers. I’m on day post surgery now, staying in bed mainly and just hobbling to the loo down the hall now and again. They hurt but pain has disused massively since Saturday. I’m actually finding it fairly easy to walk with the surgical boots & crutches. I am v tearful today though, not used to doing nothing, my husband has bad anxiety and it doesn’t make him the best nurse though he is doing all the cooking and looking after the kids.

    We are in the UK but lived in Melbourne until last year. My husband is returning in 3 weeks and kids & me at the end of the year, looking forward to mainly living in thongs after surgical boots as should manage 2 summers this year 🙂

    I hope you & your feet are continuing to do wel.

  2. Mags says:

    Sorry – iPad auto correct – I meant pain has reduced not disused! And I’m on day 4 post surgery. My bandages are becoming a little loose around the heels actually, not sure why – perhaps swelling coming down already – hopeful!!

    • Hi Mags – those first few days are horrible! You question your sanity and wish you could go back to before! But, honestly, after one week things are already looking up and by week 3 you can get outside for short walks and by week 7 you’re getting about without too much trouble at all. I’m in flats and can actually just today start fitting into some of my ‘pre-surgery’ comfort shoes. I hope you have a similar recovery – it’s amazing what our bodies can do but you do need to rest, rest, rest. I found that so hard too. I learnt to knit from watching YouTube videos!! Good luck to you (and your husband) and with the move. Cheers, Lily

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