Week 4 – much improved

Well, it’s week four since surgery and I am pleased to report much progress is evident! I am still hobbling around in my surgical boots (hopefully I’ll get the go-ahed from my surgeon Thursday week to get rid of the smelly things), but there is ZERO pain! The only time I get any pain is when I accidentally kick my foot on something (silly), my 3yo son forgets and jumps on my foot (ouch), or I scrunch my big toes up (why? why? I hear you ask, would I do such a thing…it’s involuntary!). The pain is shortlived and is reducing by the day. I am finding, however, that my feet become bone-tired very easily. For example, I did two hours of ironing on Sunday and my feet were tired, tired, tired for the rest of the day and all day yesterday.

The swelling and bruising have reduced considerably too, which makes me very happy. My feet are starting to become more recognisable as my own – they are less frankenfeet more ‘normal’ feet and this too makes me happy. I still can’t wear anything resembling a normal shoe, but that’s because there is still some swelling in my big toes and around my big toe joints and the impressive scars. The scarring is reducing too – the body’s healing properties are truly amazing. I’ve been rubbing in Bio-Oil twice a day – not sure if this is helping with the scarring, but it’s certainly helping with the peeling (my feet are peeling all over! Ew, gross). I can also have my feet down most of the day – elevating only in the late afternoon/evening.

I must admit to being quite surprised at how well my feet are doing – you just don’t know how things will go and during the first two weeks where it’s all rather horrible you begin to think you’ll never recover. Of course you do and hopefully my great recovery will continue over the next week and a half before I go back to work.


One Response to Week 4 – much improved

  1. Carolina says:

    Hi, thanks so much for your blog, you probably have no idea of how reassuring is for us people going to get surgery! I live in Argentina and I am going to get operated next week, both feet, open technique (somehow the surgeon said it is better than the percutaneous). I also heard and read horrible stories about recovery period and received strong recommendations on not to have it done. My main concern is: were you able to get to the bathroom by yourself from Day 1?? I would not want my husband to carry me there… Thanks !!!!

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