Week 1

Well it’s been one week since I had my bilateral bunionectomy with osteotomy (otherwise known as ‘great toe correction’).

I am getting a little more mobile by the day, although I am still confined to bed and will be until at least Thursday, which is when I have my post-operative consultation with my surgeon. I am looking forward to two things on Thursday:

  1. Leaving the house for the first time in nearly two weeks
  2. Getting these bloody bandages off my feet!

The first is because I am usually out of the house six-seven days a weeks, so I’m getting a bit of cabin fever. Also, it’s autumn here in Canberra and the leaves are starting to turn. It’s such a beautiful place, all russets, reds, oranges and browns against a backdrop of Australian native green. The lake is gorgeous in autumn and I feel like I’m missing it all this year.

The second is pretty obvious – the bandages/strapping have been on since the surgery. They’re blood-stained and gross, not to mention almost unbearably tight on my right foot. My toes are fine, so they’re not ‘too tight’ (according to the nurse), but they are definitely contributing the ongoing discomfort in my right foot.

I am pleased to report, however, that my pain levels have reduced SIGNFICANTLY. My left foot is actually pain-free when I’m lying/sitting down with my feet elevated. My right, on the other hand, aches/throbs day and night. I am popping the occasional ibuprofen, but it doesn’t prevent the throbbing.

I ended up ordering a pair of shoes from Zappos. They’re Danskos Professionals – designed for doctors/nurses on their feet all day – and come in ‘wide’ fittings. After reading lots of blogs and forums, it seems that most people recovering from bunion surgery can’t wear anything that doesn’t have a very wide toe box (the front part of the shoe). They also say a rigid sole is imperative, as it stops your toe joint from being over-exercised.

I have a very corporate job and have been (irrationally) very worried about what to wear on my feet when I go back to work! I bought a fabulous pair of platform Sedna flats from Tsubo just before the surgery, but I don’t think I’ll be ready for platform shoes just yet 🙂

I guess if all else fails, I will have to go to work in Crocs. Heaven forbid!

The other thing I’m doing to keep myself occupied (apart from too much online retail therapy) is I’m teaching myself to knit! I finished a very bad scarf for myself (details over on my crafting blog) and am now knitting a scarf for my daughter. It takes a lot of concentration not to make mistakes, and that is, so far, taking my mind of the discomfort. I have joined Ravelry, so if you’re on there, come and look me up!


7 Responses to Week 1

  1. Johanna Hentschel says:

    Hi Lily,
    Your info makes for good reading. I love your shoes…the platform Sedna flats!

    • Lily Mulholland says:

      Thanks Johanna! I’ll put up another post today about preparing yourself for surgery. Cheers, Lily

  2. ssce11 says:

    I’m on day two after my bilateral akin and had baby toes done and feeling sore and sorry for myself 😦 didn’t hurt post op or yesterday but today it’s sore, and I can feel it sore where the pins are. I have the Darco heel shoes and crutches but trying to keep off feet as much as possible. Glad I’ve found your blog even if its a little old 🙂 still relevant!

    • Lily Mulholland says:

      Hi Holly, hang in there – it gets better. I am almost 12 months post-op and things are so much better. Can wear heels 2-3 days a week to work and even managed some fancy heels for a dinner out. I won’t say my toes are back to those I had when I was 18, but they’re certainly better and my bunions are gone. One bit of advice for you – when you go back into ‘normal’ shoes, try not to walk on the outside of your feet – I hadn’t realised I was doing that and I started to notice I was developing bunions on my little toe joints! Argh! So, despite any discomfort you may feel, after about 12 weeks you really need to start walking on your big toe joints again. All the best for you and your feet – each week does get so much better! Cheers, Lily

      • ssce11 says:

        Thank you! That helps! I’m 30, and figuring how to walk considering ye surgery on the inside (great toes) and outside (little toes) but it’ll take practice! Laid up in bed as its sorest in the morning, worst feeling is feeling the bandages ‘move’ which I imagine is rubbing something underneath.. God knows! Don’t wAnr to see!. Staying put for now. Thanks for replying 😉

  3. Nikki says:

    Hi Holly and Lily – Today is day 7 for me post bilateral chevron bunionectomy. Pain better and better able to bear just a tiny bit of weight. So helpful to read blogs of “those who have gone before us”. Thanks, Lily.

  4. ssce11 says:

    Hi Lily. Ive started a wee blog as well, as I didn’t have bunions but had similar procedures. It’s keeping my mind of the soreness! Hope it is okay to link it here.



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