Three months post surgery

Well here we are, three months post bilateral bunionectomies with osteotomy.

The feet are feeling good and I have even managed to go for a run! I am in the Army Reserve and returned last week from a 16-day course where I spent 14 hours each day in army boots – my feet held up surprisingly well and the only discomfort I experienced was ongoing swelling around the forward tops of my feet.

While I was away I had to jog down to one of the army base gates one night and my feet felt better for being stretched out a bit. So good, in fact, that I went for a proper run the next night and my feet felt great. I will start going for regular runs so I can get my fitness back to where it needs to be. The running will also help to strengthen up the muscles in my feet which have atrophied a little over the past few months of much reduced activity.

My scars have knitted together well, but it will be years before the redness fades out of them, despite the bio oil I have been rubbing into them daily. My scars are a bit tender to the touch, but that’s because I think some of the nerves that were severed during surgery are growing back.

Despite ongoing daily swelling around the big toe joints and pain if I bend my toes too far/stand on something lumpy, my toes are nice and straight, I am back into almost all of my flat shoes and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am hopeful I’ll be back in low heels by about October – it’s hard to look corporate in flats!


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