Post-Bunion Surgery Page (or PBSP)

I had a bilateral bunionectomy with osteotomy on 26 March 2012, also known as ‘great toe correction’ or ‘scarf/akin’ surgery. If you don’t know what that is, there is plenty of information available on the Internet. If you do, then you’ll know what I’m going through.

I wasn’t going to document my recovery from bunion surgery (because it’s gross and I wanted to remain in denial!), however, I have trawled the web and found reading other women’s experiences has helped reassure me about mine.Therefore, I’ve decided to use this page to record my experiences.

If you’re contemplating surgery for bunions, here’s a very useful description of the surgery and post-operative recovery period.

Please note none  of the information contained on this page or this website constitutes medical advice. Please see your doctor or medical practitioner for health advice.


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