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Word counts, schmerd counts

It’s a good thing word counts are excellent motivators for so many writers I know, but I have to confess I hate them! And it might not be for the reason you think. Some writers live by their word counts; … Continue reading

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What bringeth 2013?

Greetings, dear readers. It would appear the year of two thousand and thirteen has crept upon us. Great Scott and gadzooks! Agh, I’ve come over all faux 19th Century. It must be the research I’ve been doing on the costume … Continue reading

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Review: The Darkest Shade of Grey

This novella, from Australian author Alan Baxter and published by the Red Penny Papers, takes the reader to one of Australia’s seediest locales for a visceral and discombulating journey through the disintegration of one man’s personal and working life. I … Continue reading

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Egads! February already

Goodness. Last time I peeked, it was New Years! January evaporated without permission and left me stranded in February, with a whole year’s work ahead of me.  I did, however, manage to snatch three weeks of bliss in Tasmania; I … Continue reading

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And the year rolls on

Like a freaking tombstone (a round one), crushing the will to write. Exhaustion seems to be the main culprit, oh, and that life-thief called Time. I have all kinds of story ideas passing through my grey matter, but none of … Continue reading

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So this is Christmas

And what have you done? Another year over. A new one just begun. Yes, John Lennon was a very wise man. I cannot believe another year has buzzed past without even asking me if it was all right to disembark. … Continue reading

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Let it snow?

This blog is about writing as an Aussie, which is known universally as ‘Down Under’. Everything is backwards or upside down when contrasted with the Northern Hemisphere – particularly the weather! While my Northern American and European friends are celebrating … Continue reading

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When publishing a book is like giving birth

The Yin and Yang Books have been published – the Yang Book contains my story ‘Double Talk’ Continue reading

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When a character speaks, it can be fruity

So, here’s a dilemma: does one use disgraceful language in a story, or does one avoid it? I have a short story coming out in an anthology that launches on Sunday 10/10/10. In it is one of the vilest, most … Continue reading

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Story available at The Not

My jury prize nanostory, ‘Shimmer Shift’, from the Dog Days of Summer competition is available over at The Not.

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