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A good start to the new year

I read over my writing goals for 2016 and I’m pleased to report I’ve made some progress! I am going great guns on getting the first draft done of my first screenplay. I’m just about up to the third act, … Continue reading

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2015…It’s a wrap!

Well, another year is in the can, done and dusted (or will be in another 12 hours). I can’t say I’m sad to see 2015 go. It’s been a hell of a year for so many people. While it has … Continue reading

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Chipping away, slowly, ever so slowly

The good news? I’m writing again! The bad news? I am sloth-like in my progress. But anything is better than nothing and keeping that screenplay tucked up in my head in its warmest, flannel pyjamas won’t get it any closer … Continue reading

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Getting a bead on a character

How do you get a bead on a character? When I was writing short fiction I found that the details of a character’s physical appearance didn’t really matter. I liked to give the reader the mental space to create her … Continue reading

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On Anzac Day, a story of loss and longing

Today marks 100 years since Australia lost thousands of its young men on Turkish shores, at the place now known as Anzac Cove. The magnitude of the┬álosses of human life is unimaginable a century later. As a woman, I might … Continue reading

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Did you hear that whooshing sound?

It was the sound of a whole, entire year whizzing by. Is it really a year since I last posted? Apparently so. And I am still in the seventh circle of hell, with post-examination revisions to my dissertation┬ástill doing the … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle

Good news on the writing (procrastination) front! My 40,000-word MPhil dissertation was submitted on 19 March, with two external markers currently assessing it. I should hear back in late May as to what, if any (but likely), changes are required … Continue reading

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