Planting new story seeds

With my first novel out with an editor for a script assessment, my thoughts have turned to number two. I was going to start on my post-apocalyptic story but decided instead to tackle another story idea that’s been cooking away in my brain, a romantic suspense story set in central west New South Wales.

I’ve finished the outline and have decided it’s going to be a dual point of view novel – another departure from my crime novel, which has a single POV.

In this next novel, I’m setting the central love story against a backdrop of pandemic, culture wars and class divides. I’m excited to explore a darker tone and the challenges of creating a believable love story in a cynical world.

My story features a sprawling, historic house in the country outside Bathurst, New South Wales, inspired by Abercrombie House (pictured). Atmospheric, isn’t it?

I’ve set up the draft document with chapter breaks mapping to the story beats and POV reminders. Next step is to dive in and start writing!

About Lily Mulholland

Writing upside down in Australia
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