Happy New Year!

Wow, I missed 2017 and 2018! What happened? Not a lot on the writing front, that’s for sure. I did, however *drum roll*, graduate from my Master of Philosophy degree, change jobs, travel overseas (twice), join a new blues band and become a high school mum. I’ve also been suffering from increasingly severe and frequent migraine attacks which have basically depleted any spare brain capacity I may have otherwise had.

So, I’ve had to be very kind to myself about my writing. The stories are all still works in progress but they’re definitely there in my head, percolating away nicely.

My resolution for 2019 is to finish Charlevoix (screenplay #1) – and yes, I did visit that beautiful place on Michigan’s Sunset Coast in October 2016 – and submit it after I receive feedback from a script editor (argh, the horrors that await!). I’ll also commit right here to finishing the first draft of my Australian crime novel this year. If there’s any gas left in the tank I’ll hit screenplay #2 for its first major edit.

That’s probably all I’ll manage this year but if I get there, actually that’s quite a lot!

What are your writing goals for 2019?

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