Chipping away, slowly, ever so slowly


The good news? I’m writing again! The bad news? I am sloth-like in my progress. But anything is better than nothing and keeping that screenplay tucked up in my head in its warmest, flannel pyjamas won’t get it any closer to being finished.

I’m in the mid-section of the story and it’s hit a dull patch. I know that the last three scenes I wrote are probably going to end up in the editing bin, to be replaced by one of my two main characters reading out a section of a story in the newspaper, but for now, I’m plugging away so that I can tease out the B stories and ensure they are supporting my A story and driving things irredeemably toward the inevitable but not obvious ending. Easy peasy Japanesie, right? We’ll see 😉

But at least I’m writing again. It’s been a while but I’ve finally found enough determination and discipline to get myself off Solitaire and Wordament and into Final Draft. I do love my protagonist, so I am hell bent on getting her story written.

What are you working on and how do you stay focussed?

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5 Responses to Chipping away, slowly, ever so slowly

  1. Sessela says:

    I wish I had time to write, I need so much practice. But it seems that uni life has taken over for now!

    • Life does that! Jobs, families, exhaustion all take their toll on the creative force. But if we let go of the best things, the things we do for ourselves, then the other, more immediate, parts of our lives can take over – it’s a downwards spiral that is sometimes hard to reverse. (And uni does take over…as a veteran of three masters degrees – one still in progress – I can relate!)

  2. adampb says:

    I keep chipping away whenever I have the chance. Sometimes that may be weeks between sessions but I try and keep the narrative in the forefront of my mind, allowing the plot and characters to compost in my head and develop a way forward when there is time to write.
    Movement is momentum. Slow as it is, even glaciers move (and I’m preaching to myself).

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