Did you hear that whooshing sound?

Tux_Paint_lemon_slice_svgIt was the sound of a whole, entire year whizzing by. Is it really a year since I last posted? Apparently so. And I am still in the seventh circle of hell, with post-examination revisions to my dissertation still doing the rounds of the university.

I have managed a small amount of writing while awaiting responses from lecturers and professors various. My first screenplay is fully outlined and half-drafted. It’s a romantic drama and it’s been a great antidote to academic writing, which, I have discovered, I am not so good at! But I am not working on it at the moment – I am forcing myself to wait until I can resubmit my dissertation (for re-examination). The story ideas keep piling up in my brain, but I am not listening to them right now!

The upside of my MPhil being so hard to earn, is that when I finally do turn in a draft that meets Examiner B’s approval, I will feel that I have really, really earned this degree. It’s more than likely to be my last…although I could perhaps succumb to the learning bug in the future – but only if it’s on the subject of writing!

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