Egads! February already

Path through scrub at Cloudy Bay

Goodness. Last time I peeked, it was New Years! January evaporated without permission and left me stranded in February, with a whole year’s work ahead of me.  I did, however, manage to snatch three weeks of bliss in Tasmania; I feel so wonderful when I’m there. I also worked on a couple of ideas for novels: one a crime/thriller, the other a more mainstream ‘contemporary’ novel. Scenes keep coming to me and I’m slowly learning my characters. I’m jotting it all down and will keep adding ideas to my notebook. BUT I am not allowing myself to start writing, as the other ‘non-fun’ writing that needs to be done is the thesis for the Master of Philosophy I am half-way through completing. I’m researching organisational development, specifically, what leadership attributes are required in start-up interagency government organisations. Dry as ditchwater, but I MUST finish it this year. A lot of work to be done, and that’s on top of my ridiculously busy day job, family commitments and a few other jobs I’m doing in the Army Reserve. Over-committed much? Hell, yes!

How do you juggle all of life’s many challenges? It’s hard, but then, ever was it thus. That’s what makes us good writers. It’s just sometimes hard to keep slogging away.

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1 Response to Egads! February already

  1. pscottier says:

    Dry as ditchwater? I’ve heard that stuff’s dirty, but dry?

    Good luck with the Masters. Then you can start your PhD.

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