Farewell 2011

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It’s been one hell of a year. An out of control busy job, a spot of Army Reserve work, marginal work on my masters research project, half a dozen stories written and published, and two children nurtured for another year. Having so much responsibility has pushed me to the edge this year. It’s been a long haul. And there’s my long-suffering husband, who pretty much comes last these days! He gets the worn out, flopped out on the couch in front of the teeves version of me – not so satisfying for him, but he loves me regardless. That’s the essence of a long-term relationship, is it not?

I’m hoping 2012 will be a little more in control. I’m doing some work with a personal coach to learn how to distance my emotions from all the shit that goes down at work – to be more rational, less reactive. It’s working at work, but I’m not so good at applying these learnings in my personal life! That’s my resolution for 2012 – less negative reactivtiy and more understanding and positivity. Here’s my mantra for 2012:

I am not responsible for other people’s behaviour

I am solely responsible for my own happiness

I think that about covers it. If I can be less reactive, I should be less exhausted. I also have to learn that I am not responsible for the success of my organisation – there are 35 of us and the responsibility is shared. I have to find a way not to take it so personally (but that might have to wait until 2013!).

My other resolution for 2012 is to spend a little time each week writing. I have an idea for a novel that I’d like to start pursuing. It will be in the crime/noir style and will be set in Canberra/Queanbeyan/regional NSW, featuring a female protagonist. It’s going to be a long, slow burn, but one that should sustain me over the year ahead.

I just have to find a way to fit it all in.

What’s your goal for 2012? Whatever it is, I hope 2012 brings you health and enough happiness to make this crazy life worthwhile.


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4 Responses to Farewell 2011

  1. adampb says:

    May 2012 be all you dream it to be. And may your coffee never run cold.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  2. Polly says:

    May your 2012 (and mine) contain more after work Strongbow ciders at Walsh’s Pub! My aim for he year? To get stronger and to pursue my goal via pilates and more long walks with my 2 precious pup – and Don too! Happy 2012 Lily.

  3. Hi Lily,

    I can so relate to so much of what is in your post. THe trick for me has been finding a focus for my creative energy. THis has lifted me above all the usual workplace worries and there is much now that I can just let be. Exhaustion can be a real problem for the super mum, partner, colleague and creative spirit. Thank goodness for holidays. Hope to see you sometime this year.

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