The Yin and Yang Book – available for global pre-orders

How very exciting – this awesome anthology (and I’m definitely not just saying that because I have a story in it) is finally availble in paperback and is open for pre-orders, with copies available from next week.

This very cool anthology contains two sets of ten stories joined by the same prologue and the same epilogue. Two parallel universes compete for your attention, bounce up against each other once or twice and speed the reader to a dramatic conclusion. Read this book and you’ll never view an airport the same way again. This book would be perfect to read on a plane (no crashes, I assure you, other than the airline…but that’s for me to know and you find out) or during a lazy holiday. It would make a great gift, although maybe not for your mother-in-law, as there’s a fair bit of language and a little bit of um-ah sex. It’s my kind of book!

You can find out more and lob your pre-orders here:

Are you still here? What are you doing? Go on, scoot over to Chinese Whisperings…Now!

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2 Responses to The Yin and Yang Book – available for global pre-orders

  1. Fruity language and a bit of distasteful bump and grind. Having flash backs to taking my mother to see Basic Instinct at a time everyone was talking their mother to see Strictly Ballroom.

    When I was in Brisbane airport on the way to your place I had fantasies about seeing Yin and Yang in one of the airport bookstores. I wonder – if I took a copy in, if they’d consider stocking it? Target market!

  2. Paul says:

    Yes, the language was a bit strong in one particular story as I recall Lily…

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