We haz cover art – Eighty Nine

89 cover artThe next instalment of Literary Mix Tapes, Eighty Nine, now has a cover and is mere weeks away from hitting the streets (artwork by Blake Byrnes). I’m very excited my SF outing ‘Chronicle Child’ will be published – it’s one of my favourites – alongside a bunch of fine emerging writers. The paper copies won’t be ready in time for Conflux, but you’ll be able to pre-0rder soon. More to follow when the release date draws near. A number of the authors will be in attendance, including yours truly and LMT maestro Jodi Cleghorn. So, if you’re heading to the event, be sure to look me up.

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1 Response to We haz cover art – Eighty Nine

  1. Thanks for that Lily. It is a shame I just didn’t get my skates on fast enough to get it ready in time for Conflux (to think I was considering Conflux for a Tiny Dancer launch – hah, there’s misguided ambition if I ever saw it).

    And yes, look us all up. I’m yet to tally up how many LMT authors will be at Conflux. Probably should try and organise some kind of get together. Perhaps breakfast on Sunday morning?

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