Wish I had more time to write

Life just keeps on getting in the way, doesn’t it? I have barely had a chance to write these past six months; work has been totally consuming and not in a good way, rather, in an ‘eat you up and spit you out’ way. Fortunately I had signed up to another Jodi Cleghorn writing challenge, which forced me to do some writing. With quite stringent constraints, I was forced to come up with a fairly simple story that touched history, gave a nod to some song lyrics and met the spec fic brief. After struggling with the concept for a while, it came to me while I was away for work two weeks ago. The first line came to me perfectly formed. The rest? Not so easy, but I pinched it, pulled it and pushed it into shape.  A couple of wonderful beta readers confirmed what I knew about my story and helped me make it so much better. I am indebted to Rob Diaz II and Stacey Larner for turning a ‘good’ story into something so much more. Well, I hoped it was more, and today Jodi confirmed it for me, which was such a relief! Hopefully I’ll be able to coerce work into the background in the coming months to give my brain the headspace I need to develop some more story ideas. Until then, the cupboard is pretty bare!


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4 Responses to Wish I had more time to write

  1. adampb says:

    I completely understand, Lily. I’m still shaping my story and it has taken away some of the joy of writing and work has been hectic. However, I managed 15 minutes this evening to punch out some words.
    Keep priming the pump and the flow will return.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  2. I know what you mean, you guys! Life… argghhhhh! There are layoffs coming at my work in the near future and I’m secretly thinking, “Lay me off, lay me off,” like a mantra. We need the money, yes, but I’d be thrilled about a month off to do nothing but write. Thank goodness for Jodi, huh?

  3. Rob Diaz says:

    I am right there with you, Lily! Barely finding time to write. Not for lack of ideas, just lack of being able to reign in life. I am currently also working on a script for a play that is to be performed this fall but it isn’t going well because, well, there’s no time. I never liked scheduling writing time, but it may very well be something I have to do now.

    Incidentally, your story is great!

  4. Carrie Clevenger says:

    Time, time, time. It’s amazing any parent has time to match their outfit, let alone write a book. Although my socks are mismatched (wear flip-flops all the time, that’s my time-saving tip) I make time for my writing. It takes a really understanding spouse and a heap of coffee to pull a weekend all nighter, but once you grab the horns of a story that simply sends you over the moon, you’ll live on love and …well coffee. And maybe a nap. Naps are good. Point is, it’ll come to you, and when it does, you’ll make some time.


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