Another day another disaster – how to help

The Christchurch earthquake was just dreadful; striking during the working day and killing hundreds. It was a most beautiful city and I hope New Zealanders can rebuild. But, until then, it’s the people who need our help. What can we do? Donate to the Red Cross – definitely. What else? From NZ author Cat Connor:

On 22nd February, Christchurch, New Zealand, and the wider Canterbury region, was rocked by another round of serious earthquakes. This time they struck during the middle of the day causing more devastation, and loss of life, to a city still trying to pick up the pieces from last September’s quakes.

Author Cassie Hart asked immediately what can writers do to help – and came up with Tales For Canterbury. She and Anna Caro with help from Random Static and DesignEm have pulled together an anthology. ALL proceeds will go to Red Cross.

We need your assistance to spread the word and help us get as many pre-orders as possible, so that we can start getting some money through to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal. Pre-orders are also important to determine how many of the print edition we initially order. If you head over to, you will find the pre-order information.

You can find out more about this project and the contributors here:

And then there’s Japan. The unbelievable scale of the catastrophe is still unfolding, but those poor, poor people. Their whole lives washed away on a black sludgy wave. Again, the Red Cross is helping. And another bunch of talented authors. Why not submit a story to New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan? The deadline for subs is 11 April. Then, buy the book – all profits to the people of Japan. It’s the least we can do to help and let them know the rest of the world cares.

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