It’s a vampire thing

So, a confession. I’ve never really understood the whole ‘vampire thing’. It always seemed a bit naff. Boy with fangs bites girl. Girl swoons (or dies). The end.

When a friend of mine last year suggested I watch the first few episodes of True Blood while I was babysitting her kids, I laughed and told her I didn’t ‘do vampires’. She urged me to watch at least one installment and make my mind up then. I smiled wanly as she pressed the DVD case into my hands when she and her husband headed out the door.

I put the kids to bed, turned on my laptop and started reading some material/taking notes for my masters research project (which I have just put on hold). After an hour or so I got a bit bored (short attention span), so cracked open the block of chocolate I had cleverly secured in my laptop bag in case of such an emergency and slipped the disc out of its cover and into the player.

All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS! I have rarely been so riveted. I LOVED the first episode and watched the second and third (my laptop shut down and put away by this stage) and devoured the rest of Season 1 over the next week or so. Fortunately said amiga had Season 2 on DVD as well, so I watched that too. What great television – possibly even better than BSG (which I adored until the last ep).

At the same time as I was getting sucked in by True Blood, the Dead Red Heart anthology opened for submissions and I wrote a story (sadly, rejected) which had a vampire or two in it! I think I have been converted. (I still haven’t read/seen any of the Twilight stuff – I have a feeling that’s more along the traditional teenage angsty line – the 2010 version of Flowers in the Attic, which was all the rage when I was finishing high school.)

My cool mini geetarTo top it all off, I got an email from a vampire friend of mine. Xan is the coolest damned vampire this side of Eric (how HOT is Alexander Skarsgard, by the way?) and he was emailing me! I am so not cool, but I’m happy to flirt with the dark side every now and then (a girl’s gotta have a bit of bad in her life). Turns out I won a miniature guitar in a fan contest his maker was running on his Crooked Fang fan page on Facebook. I got to choose my favourite and ended up with a perfect Paul Reed Smith, replete witha bird in flight neck. I always wanted one of these – even in miniature! It now sits on my window ledge at work, a tiny reminder there is life beyond the office. Thanks Xan and the badass Carrie. You guys rock!

Now get your arse over to Crooked Fang for a bit of action with Xan.

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4 Responses to It’s a vampire thing

  1. Your lucky number is apparently 53. 😉

    It was a pleasure to do something cool like this. The book for Crooked Fang will be releasing in Fall of 2011, along with an original album of the same name. That’s what I’ve been so busy doing.

    Thanks for the blog feature Lily. Enjoy your prize doll.


  2. Kate Lightfoot says:

    If you love Alexander Skarsgard, Generation Kill is well worth a watch. Not a vampire in sight, but plenty of hot blokes and some superb dialogue. I quite liked the first season of True Blood, but the second lost me towards the end. Nice guitar BTW – congrats! Xk

  3. ‘Plenty of hot blokes’ LOL Kate! Will check it out 🙂

  4. Josephine says:

    Hello, I haven’t seen True Blood. The last vampire book I read that I loved was The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I did try to read the Twilight series but alas, couldn’t get into them. xx

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