Yule Be Decking the Halls too!

Image: Noodle Snacks

Oi vey but that was a bad pun. Ah well, Jodi Cleghorn has called for a dash of humour with submissions to the Deck the Halls writing project I’ve joined, although I will try to avoid being a funny little punster to the best of my ability, yessir!

A Christmas writing project may be just what I need to get myself in the festive spirit – I nearly had a metaphoric heart attack today when I realised it is only two weeks till Christmas. I have been so busy I haven’t even had a chance to think about the forthcoming festive season. Fortunately we were able to get away early from work today and I made the dash to the shops to buy the kids’ presents. At 5 and 2 they would not understand why Santa ‘forgot’ this year!

Now to put my ho ho ho hat on and cook up a delicious Christmas treat to go with the others. I am clearly in good company!


(If you’re wondering what that image is, head over to Wikimedia Commons. It’s not anything to do with Christmas, but it kinda looked Christmassy to me.)

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3 Responses to Yule Be Decking the Halls too!

  1. Annie says:

    see you over there luv..

  2. Good luck on your Deck the Halls story. I’m sure you’ll have a great contribution.

  3. Hello Lily, I look forward to catching up with your Blog when I get a chance. Putting my five year old to bed now. Cheerio. xx

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