Let it snow?

MiCrow Winter 2010 - Into the VoidThis blog is about writing as an Aussie, which is known universally as ‘Down Under’. Everything is backwards or upside down when contrasted with the Northern Hemisphere – particularly the weather! While my Northern American and European friends are celebrating the first snowfalls of the season, we are supposed to be entering summer. I say supposed, as it’s been anything but summery here – steady rain for the past two days and apparently three to come. There have been a few jokes around the place about needing to build an ark. The rain, however, is most welcome, as it’s a sign our decade-long drought has finally broken.

Having the unseasonally cool weather and lots of rain has been handy – it’s put me in the mood for MiCrow’s latest offering: MiCrow Winter 2010Into the Void. Have a read and check out the cool artwork. You will even find my first published images and a line drawing by me. Enjoy.

In the meantime, Ticonderoga Press extended the Dead Red Heart submission deadline to 8 December. I’m using that time to really bash my story into shape, with the assistance of a girl’s best editor, the fabulous Ms Jodi Cleghorn.

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2 Responses to Let it snow?

  1. adampb says:

    Had enough rain to bring out the mushrooms and toadstools in the (very) long grass. And the local hardware store is doing a roaring trade in gopher wood and power tools.
    Looking forward to seeing your material in Microw. I’ve downloaded it, but haven’t read it yet.

  2. We are thrilled to feature your work and oh so sorry for the mis-credit on your final photo which of course should be entitled: Eucalyptus. Great stuff Lily!


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