Trickling along

Well that was an unplanned but I guess not unanticipated hiatus. Work has gone supernova and I’m struggling to keep up, which means I have no time and definitely no mental energy for study or for writing. I really wanted to submit some flash to Microw for their winter/December edition, but I just didn’t get there. I did, however, manage to come up with an illustration and two manipulated images, which I’ve just discovered have all been accepted for publication!Microw

I am looking forward to doing some writing over the next three weeks – I have two weeks’ leave coming up starting Thursday and I have a story planned for submission to Dead Red Heart. The submission deadline is 1 December, so I’ll be cutting it fine! I have a short noir piece set in the gothic heart of Hobart ready to get out of my brain into my computer – there’s so much material waiting to be ingested and spat out in that beautiful city built on a convict past – it’s really ripe for the plucking and I can’t wait to get back down there next week. I just have to find enough clear headspace while I’m there. Wish me luck!

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