My first author reading on Thursday! Eeek!

Cover of Eve's HarvestSo, um, you know I’m newish to this writing gig, right? I have my first live author reading on Thursday night. A little bit nervous – I may chicken out yet. Fortunately I am but one of a bunch of writers featured in the Eve’s Harvest anthology published by Odyssey Books, so no one will actually notice if I don’t step up.

If you’re in Canberra on Thursday evening, do check out the launch event! I’ll be reading from my story, ‘The Dan Experience’. Cheers!

21 October 2010 · 18:30 – 20:30

Location Smiths Alternative Bookshop 

76 Alinga st, Civic
Canberra, Australia

Created by:

More info Come celebrate the launch of lip Magazine’s first ever fiction anthology! 

Enjoy readings from the anthology, great local music and light refreshments. Even better, experience Smiths Bookshop’s new wine bar, and cozy surrounds.

Remember, lip is run on an entirely volunteer basis, with no additional funding. We could use your support!

Here’s a bit more about the anthology:

‘Revolving around the theme of ‘One’, this unique selection of stories and poems dissect and explore ideas about life, love, the surreal and the natural to create an anthology that encompasses multitudes of genres and concepts.

The first fiction anthology to be published by lip Magazine, Eve’s Harvest showcases all new literature for readers to enjoy wherever they are.’

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2 Responses to My first author reading on Thursday! Eeek!

  1. pattyjansen says:

    Aw, do it. Things get only worse from here on. You might as well get used to it 😉

  2. Bugger, just discovered I got ahead of myself, and I have NOT, repeat NOT, been invited to read. Ah well, maybe another time. I’ll just go and enjoy being one of the book’s contributors 🙂

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