When a character speaks, it can be fruity

So, here’s a dilemma: does one use disgraceful language in a story, or does one avoid it?

I have a short story coming out in an anthology that launches on Sunday 10/10/10. In it is one of the vilest, most repugnant characters I’ve ever had the fortune to create. And he speaks like a pig. ‘Gosh darned’ just would not cut it, so I let him speak, and wrote the dialogue I had to. The opening line of the story is pretty fruity, but I just couldn’t find a way to avoid it, without pulling punches. So, I let it stand and will soon be tagged as a writer who can’t show her work to her father-in-law!

If some fruity language won’t offend, head on over to Chinese Whisperings, where you can find a 750w excerpt from my story, ‘Double Talk‘, as well as excerpts from the other 19 stories that will appear in the Yin and Yang books. You’ll be able to buy the eBooks from Sunday onwards, with the paperback version soon to follow.


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One Response to When a character speaks, it can be fruity

  1. Mari Juniper says:

    Bad wording or not, your writing is great, so I don’t think you should censure yourself. Let the prudish read chick-lit. 😉

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