Story up over at the NOT

Life as an emerging writer is one full of story ideas, self-doubt and question marks over the effectiveness of the words we take so much care in ordering sequentially. Your ego takes a boost when an online zine no one has ever heard of accepts your attempt at a story; the pride upon publication is bested only by that experienced following the birth of real, live, breathing children. But when you actually receive an invitation to write, it’s a real validation of your toddler talents. So when I received an invitation from Michael J Solender over at Not From Here, Are You?, I was thrilled. Of course I immediately ran out of story ideas! Nothing would come. I parked the idea for a while, comforted by his open-ended offer, until one night when I couldn’t sleep, a dark, disgusting vision came to me. I tried to boot it out of my subconscious, but it had a steady grip and would not let go. I tiptoed out of bed, booted up my laptop and bashed out the most visceral, sleazy story I’ve ever written. Not something I would like my mother or my in-laws to read! But, since you’re not my mother, feel free to head on over to the NOT and read ‘Career Move’.


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  1. And what a story it is! I am delighted to have you!

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