Even the pros need some love

Last night I finished reading a fantastic book on writing – Will Write for Shoes – by novelist Cathy Yardley. While it’s primarily about chick lit, it was Cathy’s fabulous advice about plotting, as well as her easily understandable references to the hard-to-read Story by Robert McKee, that really helped me find a pathway out of the writing funk into which I have sunk over the past two months.

I find I am all ‘flashed’ out and need the challenge of longer, more meaningful fiction. While I knew this, I didn’t really know how to start writing short stories. And not just any short stories (there are, intimidatingly, millions of them out there on the interwebs), but stories that actually say something. That are about something. Something bigger than just a story. I’m not talking serious, ponderous literature – that’s just not me – but good stories, solidly crafted, delivering something memorable. That’s where I want to go. And now I have a plan of attack, and a better appreciation of how to structure a story that drives towards its conclusion.

I hopped on over to Cathy’s blog to thank her and what did I discover? She too has moments where she questions her abilities as a writer. Questions what she wants from her writing. Questions why she should write. Only she knows she must write and that, so I am told over and over, is the hallmark of a true writer. So write I must! And say thank you to Cathy and hope she regains her writing mojo soon.


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2 Responses to Even the pros need some love

  1. Marisa Birns says:

    Wow, Lily, really enjoyed this! Flashed out is such a good description of what I am feeling myself without knowing what to call it. This August marks one year since I first started writing flash fiction! It’s been great, and while I probably will write a few IF the idea for it pops into my mind without too much trouble, I feel anxious to move to expanded areas.

    Only my writing mojo has packed a bag and gone on holiday without leaving a note. No postcards, either. Could be anywhere in the world.

    However, I realized that I haven’t been spending too much time reading this past year, something I’ve loved doing since I was 4 years old.

    So I’m following your lead here and will read Cathy’s book and blog. And stories. I’m going to read lots of stories. 🙂

    • Hey Marisa, it’s good to know I’m not alone! Also, how great is it that we can get such good support from other writers (famous and not) we’ve never met (and may never). Hope you find your mojo soon!

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