Short-short story published at AntiSF

I was so excited when Ion ‘Nuke’ Newcombe, the editor over at AntipodeanSF, accepted my science fiction flash story that I did a little happy dance. He was great to work with and helped make the story a much tighter read. So get yourself over to AntiSF and read ‘Last Man Standing‘. While you’re there, dip into some other great SF from writers from the antipodes and those who write from an antipodean perspective.


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3 Responses to Short-short story published at AntiSF

  1. Laura Eno says:

    Oh my…how tragic for him. Too bad his parents forgot about the contraceptives. A story like that makes one think.

  2. Just read your bleak Last Man Standing. Interesting idea and prompts lots of questions – how would one cope? Darnell’s attitude to life and living.
    Your story could also work as the beginning of something else too.

    I’ve just finished a story myself. Now working on sending it out to people who might be interested in publishing it. I’m still at the optimistic stage.

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