Workshopping with Cate Kennedy

I have been writing (as opposed to procrastinating and tinkering) for about six months and while I am happy with how my writing is coming along, I am at the stage where I want to know more about the technical side, as in how to make your writing and your stories sing. As I try to do more with each story, I am learning more about the ‘black holes’ in my storytelling.

I re-joined the ACT Writers Centre last July and have so far been along to two workshops – one with Craig Cormick, author of a number of short story collections, and the second with Cate Kennedy, author of The World Beneath, a short story collection Dark Roots and a memoir. At yesterday’s workshop with Cate, we explored some of the problems we are experiencing in our story writing and she was able to show us how to resolve many of them. I now have a way forward for a couple of stories that had ‘flat spots’. And it was so inspiring to hear about how she is travelling as a writer, now that she has started to receive quite a lot of critical acclaim. We are so fortunate in Australia that our relatively small population gives us such great access to our best writers.

I am really looking forward to the next workshop, this one with Steven Amsterdam in April.


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